The name of the corporation shall be the Aboriginal Women’s Association of 
P.E.I. Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) 
1. The vision of the Association is as follows: to empower (promote) holistic 
healing and maintenance of health and well being of Aboriginal women. 
2. The purpose of the Association is as follows: 
i. To bring together aboriginal women in Prince Edward Island and to better 
equip hem to maintain their cultural heritage in the family and the 
community y way of arts and crafts, folklore, culture tradition and all other 
aspects of aboriginal heritage. 
ii. To promote a more positive self image among aboriginal women in Prince 
Edward Island. 
iii. To assist and encourage all aboriginal women to contribute ideas and 
skills to the social, cultural and economical development of the Aboriginal 
iv. To encourage aboriginal women to assume a more positive and active role 
in assisting their people in Prince Edward Island. 
v. To work toward a solution of aboriginal women’s problems and to 
promote the interests of aboriginal people in Prince Edward Island. 
vi. To work with all levels of government, public and private agencies and 
private industry to improve social, educational and employment 
opportunities for aboriginal women in Prince Edward Island. 
vii. To acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, 
real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the 
realization of the objectives of the Association. 
The Corporate Seal of the Association shall be the impression of a seal bearing 
ISLAND INC.”, in a circular form. 
The fiscal year of the Association shall be the twelve month period ending on the 
31st day of March, in each year. 
The head office of the Association shall be in Lennox Island, Prince Edward 
The Association shall be at all times a member of the Native Women’s 
Association of Canada. 
1. There shall be five (5) types of members in the Association namely: 
(i) full members; 
(ii) special members; 
(iii) associate members; 
(iv) members-at-large; and 
(v) Honorary members. 
(i) Full Members: 
Fully membership shall be granted to any female of Aboriginal ancestry, 
who is at least 16 years of age, who is a permanent resident of Prince 
Edward Island and who has proven her Aboriginal ancestry to the Board 
and submitted such membership application form and fulfilled such other 
criteria as may be required by the Board. 
“Aboriginal Ancestry” means proof that a female is a familial or lineal 
descendant of aboriginal person of Canada (including, without limitation, 
the Indian, Inuit or Métis peoples of Canada) as evidenced by not less than 
three of the following items: 
(a) a birth, baptism, marriage or death record issued by a church 
or government; 
(b) an official government document such as a census record, a 
court record (including probated or filed wills) or a land 
registry document; 
(c) a written statement of a historian or a registered genealogist 
or a notarized affidavit subject to scrutiny and cross 
(d) Such other evidence in written or verbal form provided that it 
is coupled with other documents which the board deems 
credible and acceptable. 
“Permanent resident of Prince Edward Island,” means an individual who 
has ordinarily lived in Prince Edward Island for a continuous period of at 
least six months with any time spent by such individual in a place outside 
of the Province for education or temporary employment purposes of the 
member or her spouse being included in the computation of such six (6) 
month period. 
(ii) Special Members: 
Special membership may be granted to non-aboriginal ancestry women 
who are the mothers or guardians of aboriginal children including adopted 
and foster aboriginal children. 
(iii) Associate Members: 
Associate membership may be granted at the discretion of the Association 
during the general assembly to any female person who is at least 16 years 
of age and who wishes to support the Association, but who is ineligible, 
for whatever reason, for full membership. 
(iv) Members At Large: 
Membership at large may be granted at the discretion of the Association 
during the general assembly to any person or group of persons 
sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the Association. 
(v) Honorary Members: 
Honorary memberships may be granted at the discretion of the Association 
during the general assembly to any person or group of persons whose 
efforts on behalf of the Aboriginal person warrants recognition. 
2. The number of members in the Association is limited. 
3. A full member is entitled to attend all general and special assemblies of 
the Association, vote on all motions coming before such meetings and to 
be a member of the Board and Executive Committee. 
4. Special members, associate members, member at large and honorary 
members are entitled to attend all general and special assemblies of the 
Association but are not entitled to vote on any motion coming before such 
meetings or to be a member of the Board or Executive Committee. 
5. No member shall transfer their membership in the Association and such 
membership shall lapse and cease to exist immediately up on the 
occurrence of any one of the following events: 
(i) if the members dies, 
(ii) if the member delivers her written resignation as a member to the 
board, or 
(iii) If the member ceases to qualify for membership or her membership 
is revoked. 
6. The Board shall have the right to revoke the membership of any member 
and to remove the name of any member from the registry of list of 
members of the Association for any reason (including, but not limited to, 
the Aboriginal Ancestry of a member proving to be incorrect or the 
member acts in a manner contrary to the aims and objectives of the 
Association and its policies, procedures, rules or by-laws). The member in 
question has a right to appeal to the decision of the Board within 30 days 
and the Board must hear this appeal within 60 days. 
7. Membership dues will be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting. 
1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors 
comprised of nine (9) members, one of which shall be an elder and one of 
which shall be a youth (16-26 years of age) (Hereinafter referred to as “The 
2. All members of the Board and committees of the Board shall be full members 
of the Association in good standing. 
3. Meetings of the Board shall be held at least every three months and members 
of the Board shall be given reasonable notice of the meeting. A majority of the 
Board shall constitute a quorum. However, if there is not a quorum, a lesser 
number may adjourn the meeting to a future date and the number of members 
of the Board present at such adjourned meeting shall constitute a quorum. 
4. Any member of the Board failing to attend three consecutive meetings without 
good cause shall be automatically removed from the Board. 
 The Board shall have the following powers: 
1. To enter into contracts. Any member of the Association may examine any 
contracts upon giving one weeks notice to the President of her intention to do 
2. To issue, accept and endorse cheques, promissory notes, bills of exchange, 
bills of lading and other negotiable instruments. 
3. To borrow money by way of mortgage, pledge or term loan on the most 
favorable terms that may be obtained from recognized lending institutions. 
4. To hire employees, to define their job description and to decide on their 
5. To determine operating policies for the Association and the Board. 
6. To appoint standing and special committees and to outline their 
responsibilities. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all such 
7. To suspend or dismiss for cause any member of the Association or Board. 
8. To ensure that the affairs and financial statements of the Association are 
monitored and reviewed by the government departments that are the source of 
the funds of the Association. 
9. To carry out all other duties commonly recognized as good business 
procedures and practices. 
10. To appoint Board members to fill vacant positions which may occur between 
annual assemblies. 
1. An Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, 
Secretary and Treasurer shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of the 
Association on a day to day basis and shall perform such other duties as 
assigned from time to time by the Board. The Executive Committee shall be 
accountable to the Board who, in turn, is accountable to the Membership. 
2. The President shall, when present, presides at all general and special 
assemblies of the Association and meetings of the Board and the Executive 
3. The Vice-President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform 
the duties and exercise the powers of the President and shall perform such 
other duties as shall be from time to time determined by the Board. In the 
event that the office of the President becomes vacant because of the 
President’s death, resignation or total disability or removal, the Vice-President 
shall perform the duties of the President until the next annual assembly when 
a new President can be elected. The Vice-President shall be one of the signing 
officers of the Association. 
4. Any vacancy which may occur in an office shall be filled by appointment of 
the President, pending 2/3 ratification at the next Business Meeting. 
5. The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the general and special assemblies and 
meetings of the Board and Executive Committee and shall be the custodian of 
the seal of Association and of all books, papers, records, correspondence, 
contracts and other documents belonging to the Association which she shall 
deliver up only when authorized to do so by a resolution of the Board and to 
such a person or persons as may be named in the resolution and she shall 
perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the 
6. The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and 
disbursements of Association in proper books of account and shall deposit all 
money or other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the 
Association in such bank or banks as may from time to time be designated by 
the Board. She shall disburse the funds of the Association under the direction 
of the Board at the regular meeting thereof or whenever required of her, an 
account of all her transactions as Treasurer and of the financial position of the 
Association. She shall also perform such other duties as my from time to time 
be determined by the Board. The Treasurer shall be one of the signing officers 
of the Association. 
7. The President may call a meeting of the Executive Committee at any time 
provided that all the members of the Executive Committee receive at least one 
day’s notice of such meeting. Notice may be waived with the consent of all 
members of the Executive Committee. A majority of the Executive 
Committee shall constitute a quorum of any meeting. 
8. The President or her designate shall be the official representative of the 
Association at all meetings of the Native Women’s Association of Canada 
Board of Directors. 
1. The members of the Board and the Executive Committee shall receive no 
remuneration for acting as such, but expenses incurred on behalf of the 
Association may be defrayed by the Association with proper approval of the 
2. Notwithstanding XI (1) the Executive Committee may be paid a salary as 
provided for from the Native Women’s Association of Canada or associated 
body, including a federal or provincial government department. All salaries 
shall be determined by the Board. 
The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for 
carrying out the organization's achievement of its mission and financial 
objectives, based on the direction of the Board. 
1. The general assembly of the Association shall be held annually. 
2. At every general assembly, the report of the Board and the financial 
statements of the association shall be presented to the members. The members 
may consider and transact any business, special or general (other than 
extraordinary resolutions) without notice thereof to the assembly. 
3. A special assembly may be called at any time by the Secretary upon the 
instructions of the Board by notice in writing to the members of the 
Association at their last known address. A special assembly shall be called by 
the President or Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by one third of the 
full members of the Association in good standing setting forth the reasons for 
calling such special assembly. 
4. Twenty-one (21) days notice of the general or special assembly, specifying the 
place, day and hour of the meeting, and in the case of special business, the 
nature of such business, shall be give to the members of the Association at 
their last known address. Any notice shall be deemed to have been given at 
the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the 
ordinary course of post and in providing such service it shall be sufficient to 
prove the envelope containing the notice was properly addressed and placed in 
the post office. The non-receipt of any notice by any member of the 
Association shall not invalidate the proceedings at any general assembly. 
5. At any general or special assembly 50% plus 1 of the members registered for 
said meeting shall constitute a quorum. 
6. Voting shall be by show of hands on all major matters with the exception of 
contested elections to the Board, in which case voting shall be by secret ballot. 
1. The members of the Board will be elected at general assemblies and be 
comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Elder, Youth and 
four regular Board members (2 from the area consisting of Charlottetown and 
east of Charlottetown and two from west of Charlottetown). 
2. Members shall be elected to the Board for a term of two years and shall be 
eligible for re-election. 
3. The Nomination Committee shall determine the rules and regulation of the 
4. The Nomination Committee shall prepare and distribute the ballots for all 
elected positions. 
5. Where more than one (1) member is nominated for a position on the Board, an 
election shall be haled and the ballot shall bear the names of the nominated 
members, in alphabetical order. The nominated member receiving the 
majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected. Each nominated member 
shall be entitled to speak to the member prior to the vote. 
6. Elections shall be by secret ballot except elections by acclamation. In such 
circumstances the chairperson of the annual assembly shall declare the 
candidate elected by acclamation. 
7. The Nomination committee shall act as scrutineers during the elections of all 
Board members, including the Executive members. Additional scrutineers 
may be appointed by the nominees. 
1. In the event of any changes necessary in the by-laws of the Association, such 
proposed changes shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing twenty-one (21) days 
prior to the annual assembly of the Association. No changes, amendments of alterations 
to the by-laws of the Association shall be made except at the annual assembly or special 
assembly called to deal with the by-laws. Any such changes, amendments, or alterations 
in the form of a special resolution shall be made upon a vote of 75% of those present and 
entitled to vote at the annual assembly or special assembly called for that purpose. 

Aboriginal Women's Association of PEI stand by our motto:

"Stronger women create stronger communities."