Vision & Goals

“To empower, enhance andpromote holistic healing,health and well being of allAboriginal women acrossPrince Edward Island.”
Our Goal
"To enhance, support, educate, and empower the well being of our Aboriginal women through capacity building, focus groups, prevention, awareness and equal opportunity."
Our Commitments
- "To promote a more positive self image among Aboriginal women in PEI To assist and encourgage all Aboriginal women to contribute ideas and skills to the social, cultural, and economical development of the Aboriginal society.
- To work with all Federal/Provincial/Band governments to ensure improvement in social, economical, and equal employment opportunities for Aboriginal women in PEI.
Our Priority Areas
- Youth - To enhance a sense of leadership in youth re self & for others Healing & Prevention 
- To enhance a sense of healing & prevention for Women and Families (Sexual Abuse, Family Violence, & Racial Violence)
- Cultural Renewal - To integrate a sense of Cultural Teachings within all activities
- FAS/FASD - To continue to promote FASD Prevention and effective Intervention within Aboriginal families
- Political Issues - To enhance the education of Aboriginal Women on Political Issues that have a direct impact on them and their families. (example: B C31, B 8, Sect. 67 Indian Act, Human Rights)
- Board & Staff Development - To enhance the skills of the AWA Board and Staff

Aboriginal Women's Association of PEI stand by our motto:

"Stronger women create stronger communities."